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Services by Clean Earth Solutions

Precision Testing Services

Precision tank and Ullage testing utilizing the Mesa 2D tank test system.
  • Test tanks 4 to 12 foot in diameter.
  • Test tanks up to 30,000 gallons.
  • Test tanks full or empty.
Precision line testing utilizing the Acurite Pipeline Test equipment.
  • Test flex, FRP or steel.
  • Test any length line.
Precision leak detector testing utilizing the TSC 1000 testing system.
  • Test mechanical or electronic leak detectors.
  • Provide line leak “learning” for ATG systems.
Helium leak detection systems.
  • Pin point location of leak to minimize repair time and costs.
  • Identify leaks at joints, unions or flex hoses that conventional leak detection equipment may not show.
Stage I testing (NESHAP).
  • Tank Ullage testing.
  • Vent cap testing.

Dispenser Calibration Other Testing Services

Dispenser Calibration
  • Calibration of Mechanical or Electronic Dispensers - Commercial or Retail
  • Station Start Up and Blend Ratio Verification
  • Licensed Technicians and Corporate Certifications
  • Certified For all Fuel Compliants and Fuel Quality Verifications
ATG certification and verification.
  • Probe calibration.
  • Sensor certification and verification.
  • Leak detector certification and verification.
Sump testing.
  • Dispenser and submersible pump containment sumps.
  • Spill bucket.

Cathodic Protection Services

System Design / Installation
  • Impressed Current Systems
  • Sacrificial Anode Systems
  • Microbial Influenced Corrosion Systems
System Repair / Recommisson
  • Impressed Current Systems
  • Sacrificial Anode Systems
System Inspection / Certification
  • Impressed Current Systems
  • Sacrificial Anode Systems
  • Microbial Influenced Corrosion
  • Coating System Inspection and Certification
  • Material Thickness Inspection and Certification

Compliance Management Services

Compliance auditing of fueling facilities

  • Bundle any or all of above services together.

  • Archive testing data on the Clean Earth Solutions proprietary, web based, and application idea internet data exchange application a fully interactive, data base application for storing, viewing (data and/or pictures), quarrying, printing or sharing site and testing data. Instantly available on any pc, mac, smart phone or tablet!

  • Hanging hardware inspection.

  • Spill and overfill certification / verification.

  • Provide minor repair and or replacement of most parts / systems while on site.

  • Containment sump inspection and precision testing.

Construction Audits and Inspections for any phase of UST / AST Construction

Allow Clean Earth Solutions to handle ALL of your environmental compliance testing and management